Feb 21, 2008

smiling boy

most of time he is smiling


Ginger said...

Very sweet boy. I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I would be happy to link to yours.

Your beads are pretty to and I love your garden. I grow catus too. My husbands family comes from Mexico and I got many from there.

nigule said...

thank you for link to my blog! that´s nice to make a little "community" :-))
i forgot to sorry for my english, i hope you understand it .-))
wow, that must be very nice pieces from mexico! if you have time, make a pfhoto of them! .-) my cacti are now in a house and i enjoy the time, when i put them in front of the house, but we must take a cacti-shelf little bit higher. because frantisek (my son) will touch them :-))