Mar 9, 2008


these canes could speak about my miscellaneous mood...:-))

Feb 26, 2008

my spring canes

i love flowers theme very much and the spring is knocking on the door, so i have made some flowers canes. but i am afraid, i don´t catch make a beads of them till the childbirth deadline...

sunny sunday

it was beautiful day and we were visit our horse. i can´t ride him, because i am pregnant. so we walk only. my husband don´t know ride a horse, so he had try it for the first time :-))

Feb 21, 2008

smiling boy

most of time he is smiling

she´s a baby

Jan 24, 2008

sunny day

today was beautiful weather, it was sunny and very mood was better after the walk with frantisek in baby-coach and dogs...

Jan 22, 2008

brooches is something new, that i have made...
(i am sorry to bad photo)